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Kyleigh Brenna Johnson

Casey Curtis Hayes


Old photo box


Born to Tricia & Jason on April 18, 2011

7 lbs. 3 oz. ~ 20"  Click for more photos

Born March 23, 2011 -

7lbs 15 oz.

  May Birthdays

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Anabel Glatzofer

7 Christine Hayes 1969
17 Tom Martin 1953
22 Ed & Marge Martin 1948
23 Jimmy Hayes 1993
30 Cherise E Joubert 1993

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Past articles by family:       

Bill & Betty Hayes

Grandma Hayes & Family

Letter from Father Celsus to Dad, Jimmy & Joe

Dad's 2nd 1945 war letter to Fr. Celsus

Aunt Betty's page

Leo Tetreault's page

Maggie & Tom Campbell

Christian & Frank at Fenway 2008

Caitlyn & "Ofus"

Caitlyn's Graduation Photo

Caitlyn and Stella

Jamie & Dog


Bern & Mary Hayes

Bernie's eulogy.

Ellen's Poems

Hannah's First Communion

Hannah competed in the Gymnastics

Cameron's First MLB Game

Cameron's First Communion

Mitchell wins 1st place in Derby Race

Makayla & Cameron Celebrate Fall

Pope' Go To Yankee Stadium

Mary & Marybeth visit Peter in Berkeley CA

Mary's photos with Bernie in his greenhouse

Kevin & Cathy Hayes

Becky's Coat of Arms research

Cathy becomes a Great Aunt

Becky receives High Honors

Link to Becky's Band Performance.

Becky Confirmed

Jane's Handiwork

Eric Peck Obituary

Becky's Travels


Chuck Hayes


Helen Hayes

Jamie Has a new address

Jamie & Paul's Wedding

Jamie's shower pictures

Jamie DeAngelis papers on Jane

Jane Joubert

Jane/Liz's eulogy

MNA Articles on Jane/Liz

Jennifer's Christmas Photos 2006

Sharon & Monique's 30th Birthday

New recipe from Jessica Magic; Toffee

Photos of the Breast Cancer Walk

Jessica & Phil announce Sam The Man


Theresa & Jerry Doyle

Kayla Doyle's Trip to the Inauguration of Obama




David & Roberta Hayes

Meghan & Manuel Exchange Vows

Maura & Matt's New Home


This week's football

Eileen's Address & directions

Patrick & Mary Hayes

Ted & Eddy article - Quincy Sun

A tribute to Ed Martin by Ted Kennedy

Eulogy to Ed Martin by Michael Martin

Pat's new recipe for Gratin Potatoes

Pats Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Hayes Family

Photos from 30 years ago

Hayes Christmas Party Photos 2006



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